Monday, July 25, 2016

Review of Willow's Discovery

Book Three of 

The Winters Sisters series

 5 Star Review

By ~ Lauren of Saints & Sinners Books

Be still my heart, Joanne Jaytanie. You have made me love this series even more with Willow’s Discovery. Maybe it’s the appeal of the female scientist lead, (WOOT WOOT! GO Chick Scientists!) Willow or just the uniqueness to the story, but you never quite know what to expect with a Winter Sisters novel. Emotions run high as Wyatt struggles to protect Willow. Wyatt struggles trying to wrestle between his sense of duty and his heart when it comes to Willow. It doesn’t help that she likes to wander off when he’s supposed to be protecting her. With the emotional and romantic turmoil, Jaytanie has added a brilliant suspense element to Willow’s Discovery with a spy that Willow just can’t seem to take down. If you like twists and turns with romantic intrigue, you might want to head over to Amazon and pick this series up.

Some of you may read the blurb and think, oh no. Not Science! But, don’t let it derail you from trying out this series. Jaytanie balances out the science and romance portions of her books perfectly, making them easy to read for those of us who hated science in school. Being a paranormal book lover myself, I knew that Joanne’s series would make it easily into my top ten series reads. In a word where so many books are the same and predictable, Jaytanie has mastered the knack for creating different and engaging stories. Each book in this series is a scientifically romantic gem that paranormal lovers looking for something a little bit different than sexy vampires and shifters will enjoy. Willow’s Discovery is just another shining jewel to add to this amazing collection. 

Congratulations Joanne! It was marvelous!

Thank you, Lauren.