Friday, May 15, 2015

Saints & Sinners Review of Payton's Pursuit

Joanne Jaytanie has delivered another amazing romantic tale littered with suspense and intrigued. Payton’s Pursuit follows Victory Winters (sister of the lead character of the first book of this series) and a former military man named Collin. Collin’s kidnapping turned into a massive nightmare as he became a human test subject by being injected with Wolf DNA. This foreign DNA invasion leaves with him new, uncontrollable talents. He’s a danger to everyone around him except Payton. She’s like his lightning rod. She grounds his wolfly urges. With Payton’s help, they both seek the answers to his kidnapping and her mother’s genetic research.

Jaytanie has created a literary world filled with some of the most unique characters I’ve ever read about. Her ability to pull you into the story makes you feel as if you are the lead character living in this bat shit crazy world. Expanding on the characters, Joanne’s secondary characters never feel as if they are the flower wavers in the background to the lead characters. I love that we are given the chance to get to know them as well. This series perfectly blends paranormal, romance, suspense, humor, and intrigue all into one tightly, well-written bundle of goodness. Payton’s Pursuit is howling-ly good! 

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