Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Night Owl Reviews ~ Building Up To Love

Building up to Love

The Love List, #4

Laura is the owner of a large Victorian home that has been in her family for many years. When she decides the home is simply too large for her, she gets the idea to convert the house into a bed and breakfast. She will need to hire a contractor to handle the renovations. She hires Travis, even though she is attracted to him and doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure.
Laura belongs to a sort-of book group where the ladies of the group have created ‘A Love List’ rather than actually read and discuss books. They place the names of the town’s most eligible bachelors into a hat and draw names. The name you draw is the man you must ask for a date. So far, Laura has had no luck with ‘The Love List’. When she draw Travis’s name, she won’t ask him out because of their business arrangement. But love will not be denied. Yet, sooner or later, Travis is going to find out he was a part of the list, and that could be a deal breaker. Then of course, Laura does see him with that other woman…uh oh!
Building up to Love is the 4th book in ‘The Love List’. It’s a sweet and bubbly little romance featuring a strong, independent heroine. I enjoyed the buildup of the couple's relationship within the well written plot. It’s refreshing to read a story that relies on sweetness to build a relationship rather than sex. This is the second book in ‘The Love List’ series I have read, and I would certainly read the others. A fine story I recommend.

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