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Sultry Sensations~
Author Grace Augustine's newest release

Read all about how Grace created her picturesque  town of Acorn Hills
developed her unforgettable characters

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   Me: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

 Grace:   I think I’ve always written.  I remember as far back as 9 yrs old when I would create stories for my dolls.  In Jr. High and High School, I took as many English, Grammar & Comp, Literature, Mythology classes as I could.  I don’t remember ever receiving lower than a B+ grade on any of the assignments…except when we had to read Gone With the Wind.  To this day, I detest that book! 

In my 20’s I wrote a lot of poetry and put an anthology together.  I sold it at local stores to make extra money. No one was worried about copyright or legalities then, especially in a small town. 

So, at the age of 58 yrs old my first novel hit Amazon in October of 2013.

 Me:  What made you decide to write your Acorn Hills series? Are you somehow emotionally connected to this theme, or is it purely fiction?

 Grace:  When I began the first book of the Acorn Hills series, Bittersweet, it was as therapy for a really crappy relationship.  I found writing therapeutic.  Three chapters into the book, I stuck it away in my desk…thinking someday it would be finished.  Several years later during a cleaning frenzy, I found it in March of 2013 and finished it.

I am one hundred percent emotionally connected to this series.  I tell people it is virtually my life story with a whole lot of imagination tossed in for good measure!

  Me:  Do you use ‘real people’ as your characters or are they entirely fictional?

Grace:  There is a T-shirt that is imprinted with “You better be nice or you could be in my next novel.”  Sure, I use real people and places as inspiration for my stories…the names of both have been changed, of course. I’ve had former classmates from high school ask if this character were this person or that person…and I chuckle and respond…”wow, I didn't know they were like that.”

  Me:  Tell us about your newest release ~ Sultry Sensations?

Grace:  Sultry Sensations is Book 3 of the Acorn Hills series and was released in December along with a companion short story, Holiday Hide and Seek. It’s Denise Berrie’s story. She was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks whose life was nothing but one adversity after another. With much persistence and many good people in her life, Denise became a very successful business owner. 

This story is very close to my heart because I use a lot of my own life experiences in Denise’s life.  It was also the most difficult to write.

  Me:  What is the next book in the series and approximately when will it be released?

Grace:  Book 5, Richard’s Relics, will be released sometime late spring, early summer.

   Me:  How many books are slated for this series? Is it better to read this series in order?

Grace:  There will be 6 books in the Acorn Hills series. The final book is Special Occasions, the book all about Jillian.   I think it is best if the books are read in succession because there are references to the characters who were introduced in book 1.

Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview.  I appreciate your support and encouragement of my books.

Sultry Sensations Blurb ~

Denise Berrie was the overweight teen no one befriended. The countless adversities in her growing up years took their toll, that's for sure, but also made her the strong business woman she is today. Will she ever realize the refining of the fire made her a diamond, or will she struggle with the demons and run from success?

   Excerpt from chapter 1 of Sultry Sensations

“Denise Berrie barely remembered her father. He walked out on her and her mother thirteen years ago. She hadn’t seen him since, hadn’t heard a single word from him. In fact, no one had. It was the ultimate disappearing act. Now that she was a teenager she began piecing things together of her past, trying to figure out what happened, where she came from, what it all meant for her.
         The only conclusion that came to her was that her dad couldn’t take the constant drinking and yelling from her mom, nor could he take the fact that there was other men…several men. It didn’t matter who…the landlord, the mailman, hell even at one point she remembered being told to “go outside and play” when the social security guy was there to do a “welfare” visit. Denise remembered him as a very nice man, a very handsome man, and he was always tucking his shirt in his pants when he left the house.”  


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