Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Hop

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Valentine's Day GIFT HOP!
That's right, we are celebrating love, sex, and all things books! 

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GRAND PRIZE is a Kindle Paperwhite OR digital new adult romance basket

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a Paranormal,Romantic Suspense


Collin sat motionless and watched Payton’s every move. What the hell happened back there? One minute
he experienced another of his uncontrollable fits of rage, and the next moment a blanket of calm and serenity
wrapped around him. Amazing feeling after so long. Those hazel eyes were gorgeous, but women never made him
feel serene, no matter how pretty. All three of the sisters were something, but Payton was the pick of the litter. As
breathtaking as Payton was in her designer blue suit with her shimmering wavy cinnamon hair that fell past her
shoulders, she still couldn’t be the source of the calm that enveloped him.

“Get a grip, McBain,” Collin scolded himself. She didn’t even notice him. Hell, she hit the floor out cold the second he looked up at her. Collin didn’t even get a chance to properly introduce himself— not that she would care. He got the distinct feeling Payton would never forgive him for kidnapping her sister. What does it matter? Not like he would spend much time around her anyway. Like Victory said, he wasn’t in his right mind when he kidnapped her last year. Victory forgave him, if Payton was petty enough to hold a grudge, he’d do his best to avoid her. Who was he trying to kid? She would make his life miserable the entire time he lived on her campus.

Collin watched Payton turn her back to him and get into the cart. Yep, she hated him. She intended to avoid him and take the long way back to her house. He was here to stay, he lived and worked on her campus for who knew how long, but that didn’t mean he needed her blessing.

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