Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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Ah...the perks of summer...
Hot days, cold drinks 
even hotter heroes!

Excerpt from Chasing Victory~

Early the following morning Tristan finished his breakfast and decided to check on the girls and their shadows. He strapped a hunting knife to his belt, put his hat and sunglasses on and picked up his walking stick. He headed out of his tent once again in the direction of Victory and Payton’s motorhome. Strolling slowly, he stopped every now and then to examine the foliage along the path. Inside the exercise pen, a large black male Doberman and smaller red female were stretched out on the ground, lying on their sides sunning themselves. Tristan slowly approached the area presenting a feeling of calm so as not to create a negative reaction by the two Dobermans, or startle Victory who was in the back storage locker digging through supplies.
Victory sputtered to Dax who was standing next to her wagging his stub. “Your Aunt Payton sure knows how to pack a lot of supplies into this small storage Dax, but she forgets that they need to come out again.” She was half inside the storage area trying to pull a bicycle out. She grabbed hold of the bike and pulled at it with all her might. Instead of pulling the bike free, her hands slipped and she fell back out of the storage and slammed onto the ground.
“Looks like you could use a hand,” Tristan smiled, trying to stifle his laugh.
Victory snapped her head around towards the male voice. She found herself gazing up into magical violet eyes, smooth olive skin, a straight nose and high full cheek bones. All exquisitely framed by shiny black hair cut right above his collar, hair that was a little unruly with a natural wave. His body was broad and from what she could tell in excellent shape. He was tall; at least six foot four and astonishingly quiet on his feet. Since she didn’t hear his approach and her dogs had not alerted her. Standing up, she casually brushed the dirt from her jeans and hands.
“Thanks, I guess I could use some help. My sister believes in cramming as much into a small space as absolutely possible,” Victory responded, a slight tinge of pink flushing her cheeks.
Tristan extended his arm out over the exercise pens, showing no fear of the dogs. Victory reached out to take his hand. “Hi, I’m Tristan Farraday.”
“Nice to meet you Tristan, I’m Victory Winters. Have we met before?” she asked, having the strangest feeling that she had met this man.
“No, and I can honestly say that I would certainly remember meeting you.” Tristan smiled down at her.

What traits do you find hot and sexy in a


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer of Love Blog Hop

Summer ~ a time of exciting possibilities,
New adventures
Hot, sizzling romance.

CHASING VICTORY takes you from the foothills of the Olympic Mountains,
 to the San Juan Islands and on to the Hawaiian Islands.
The sweet summer days filled with sound of birds and fragrance of flowers,
comes with a price...
   Danger at every turn. 

When was your most exciting summer? And why?
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Friday, August 9, 2013


Since it is already the 9th of August,
 I have decided to keep my awesome giveaway until next month.
But don't despair~
There are things to be done this month,
A giveaway to be won.

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I will attempt to add  additional entries on the giveaway through the month if new requests are posted to the page.

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